Hey there pet lover,
My name is tasha.

I partner with pet care professionals and pet-passionate entrepreneurs to improve pet lives & support animal welfare in a big way. 

Let's create a pawsitive impact together!

Tasha Peterson

Pet Wellness-Free Resources Below↴

Optimal Hydration Guide for Dog Parents

Holistic Technology Tool for Pet care Professionals

Business Opportunity For Pet-Passionate Entrepreneurs

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Welcome to the Pawsitive Hydration Project

Tasha here, Your Impact-Driven Entrepreneur

I'm on a mission to enhance vet clinics, support dog shelters, and hydrate pets! My heart is fully invested in the 'Pawsitive Hydration Project,' my very own online venture that's set to create major impact in the animal care world! 

Besides being an advocate for animal welfare, I also love holistic & eco-friendly living, tapping into feminine energy and all things cyclical, entrepreneurship, spirituality and deep diving into personal development. These are the things you can expect to see on my personal Blog.

Visit the About page to learn more about my past and how I ended up online!

From my blog

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Molecular Hydrogen in Veterinary Care: Revolutionizing Pet Health

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Launching a Dream: The Beginnings of The 'Paw-Sitive Hydration Project'

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Embracing The Infradian Rhythm: Women's Internal Clock

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How To Create Purposeful Profit & Impact As A Pet-Passionate Entrepreneur

Let’s Collaborate! 🐾

Whether you're an animal loving entrepreneur ready to create an impact, a pet care professional aiming to improve your pet patients lives & services, or a non-profit on a mission to create a pawsitive change, I'm here to join forces with you.

Areas of Potential Collaboration:

Holistic Health Pet Care Solutions
Animal Welfare Outreach 
Sustainable Business for Creating A Pawsitive Impact
Digital Marketing for Increased Reach
Fundraising Strategies and Financial Assistance
Community Networking
Plus More... Your vision could be the missing piece to this powerful movement!

Ready to create a Pawsitive Impact ?

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Tasha Peterson

"Personal growth is not a matter of learning new information, but of unlearning old limits"

So happy to have you here, let's grow together .

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