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Pet Care Professionals & Pet Parent Entrepreneurs
are Creating Massive Impact throughout their communities, While also experiencing total
time, location & financial freedom,
by leveraging this Online Business Model ↴

Diving deep into entrepreneurship, many pet loving entrepreneurs  discover an itch that traditional work can't quite scratch—a desire for more contribution, deeper connection with like minded people, and the dream of limitless freedom. 

Imagine a life where your passion for pets is combined with an powerful business model; a space where your unique strengths shine and you’re surrounded by a tribe that genuinely understands and uplifts your vision.

If you seek to align passion with purpose and this seems like a dream come true...

Then this was crafted for YOU! 

Joining a business that resonates with your core values can not only change your life, but also significantly impact the lives of others (four legged friends obviously included). This video shares the transformative impact driven opportunity that you've been searching for!

Here's what you could  access after watching:

A business model that pays BIG so you can give MORE and create real impact
Mentorship from millionaires (& multi millionaires) within this industry
A business model that allows you to follow your passions and live authentically
A tribe of like minded entrepreneurs that provides a safe sense of belonging for you
Continuously updated trainings that focus on the 5 key components to creating massive success online  
"Done for you" sales calls and other helpful business tools/resources  
Plus so much more to help you create your Freedom lifestyle...

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Pawsitive Impact Freedom Lifestyle Biz

In this video, you'll discover the pathway to complete freedom - in time, location, and finances!
For the impact driven pet parent entrepreneur who is eager to elevate, this is your chance to thrive and step into your purpose driven calling!
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Tasha Peterson

Hey, I'm Tasha!

Over 8 years, I was deep in the world of traditional network marketing, often trading my time for money, and feeling disconnected from my deeper purpose. 

Everything shifted when I uncovered a path to not just financial freedom, but to an impact-driven, passion-fueled life, aligned with authenticity. With the Pawsitive Impact Passion Project, I've found a way to intertwine prosperity with purpose, and now I'm eager to share this path with you! 

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