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Hello beautiful souls of pet lovers, care professionals, and non-profits! 

Dive into the impactful stories below to discover how our unique product and vibrant online community are making a difference in the lives of animals and their humans. 

Canine Wellness Testimonies -For Pet Care Professionals and Care Takers

Meet Birdy, our vibrant 14-year-old dog, thriving on our product for two years. Birdy joined our family as a rescue, battling persistent skin issues that left him sore despite numerous diet changes and holistic remedies. Even veterinary medications fell short. Remarkably, within months of starting this product, his discomfort ceased. 

Today, Birdy exudes the energy of a puppy, free from joint problems, and enjoys supplements too. Despite being partially sighted from birth, he’s a playful spirit. Fellow pet owners are often astonished by his youthful zest at his age.

Birdy & Paula's Story

My four pups have been experiencing wonderful changes lately. 

Take Nilla, my 11-year-old lab, for instance. Since July, there's been a noticeable increase in her energy levels! It's also wonderful to see that she no longer struggles to get up and down. It's clear that our special care routine is making a positive difference in her life. I am excited to see how she progresses in the years to come, and what the vet thinks of her health, at her next check-up.

Nilla & Monica's Story

Cheeky, my 14-year-old dog, was diagnosed with bladder cancer and given a 4-6 week life expectancy. I refused to give up and brought him home with vet-recommended meds. Our special product has been a part of his routine since 2018, but post-diagnosis, I intensified his care, upping his product routine to three times a day, to ensure optimal health. 

Nearly two years later, Cheeky's transformation is incredible. No blood in his urine, boundless energy for daily walks, and a spirit matching a young pup's. He's still on vet meds, excluding pain medication, and enjoys the occasional turmeric treat too. Cheeky's journey has been a blessing.

Cheeky & Marie's Story

Meet Ricksen, my vibrant 6-and-a-half-year-old dog. He's a dog in good health with no issues, needing only yearly vet visits for boosters. His coat's condition is remarkable, thanks to a special beauty treatment post-bath. Since day one, he's been on a unique care routine. It's funny – my whole family, including Ricksen, has become quite picky with what they drink. Ricksen might enjoy a sip from a muddy puddle occasionally, but he turns his nose up at anything other than this special drink.

Ricksen & Kelly's Story

Vet Clinics & Pet Care Professionals-
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Discover how leading vet clinics and devoted pet care professionals worldwide, are harnessing the power of a holistic medical tool, transforming not just their services, but also enriching the lives of the pets they care for.

By exploring this path, you're also stepping into a circle of giving, as any orders contribute to local non-profits or rescues of your choice, creating a pawsitive impact beyond your clinic's walls. 

Online Business Testimonies For Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs

Louise is an earth-loving, tree-hugging, un-schooling, freedom-fighting, world-travelling citizen who went from being a full-time digital nomad, travelling this big beautiful globe with her family for the last 5 years, to now building an off grid, permaculture paradise homestead with her husband and her 2 little girls.

Louise's Story

Alana is a single mom who was in network marketing for 4.5 years but was never able to create big months consistently.
She's now able to do exactly that, loves to travel, is a conscious mother and is passionate about gifting forward and breaking the cycle for parents.

Alana's Story

Having come from a 9-5 background, Melissa was looking for an online solution to replace her fulltime income. She was able to quit her job within 3 months and travel the world full-time. She has now been a successful self-employed business owner for nearly 5 years, all while building her dream life back in New Zealand.

Melissa's Story

Calling all pet Loving Entrepreneurs...

Paws & Prosperity
iS for you if:

You're passionate about creating a sustainable income, while making a positive impact on animal welfare.
You're ready to elevate your online brand and reach more of your tribe.
Building long-term financial freedom is a top priority for you.
You've got a WHY that's bigger than your excuses.
Finding "work" that aligns with your heart and allows you to stay true to YOU is a top priority.

Paws & Prosperity
is NOT for you if:

You're not willing to invest in a cause that's greater than yourself...
Sales, marketing, and leadership turn you off...
You don't value personal growth...
You are looking for instant results with little work...
Creating an impact and helping animals does not interest you...

Tasha is a beautiful soul, who will take great care of you throughout your journey!


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