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Hear from a board-certified vet surgeon and critical care specialist with over 40 years of experience. (We won't drop names, but he's a big deal in the vet world!)
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Witness the tangible benefits that pets and their owners have experienced, from increased energy & vitality to improved joint mobility.
While our furry friends reap the benefits with this approach, the tool provides many life-changing qualities for humans too.

With a run-time of just 11 minutes, this video might be the most impactful thing you watch all week long!

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Tasha Peterson

Hi there, I'm Tasha! 👋

Since I was a kid, I've had a desire to work with animals. From dreaming of becoming a vet, to an animal cop and then a pet-care business owner, my heart has always been with our furry friends. I care deeply about their well-being and happiness.

My compassion for animals, especially dogs, has led me to create the "Paw-sitive Hydration Project." In this project, my team and I focus on enhancing vet clinics with holistic medical technology. With each sale, we set aside a significant part of our earnings to support animal rescues and welfare organizations of the vet clinics choice. 

This project is more than offering premium products; it's what allows me to bridge the gap to my bigger mission. We aim to bring animal lovers together in a community that's dedicated to making a real, paw-sitive impact on their lives!

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